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What is Counseling and Why Go To A Counselor?

Contrary to popular belief, counseling is not about a counselor giving specific directions on how to fix another’s problem. Counselors do not profess to be all knowing and often remind clients that they do not have a “magic wand”.


Counseling is about a specially trained and experienced professional helping a client identify alternative solutions, evaluate pluses and minuses of each option, and become empowered to make his/her own decision. Counseling is about teamwork and hard work!


Going to counseling does not mean one is weak minded or “crazy”. The cultural stigma around counseling is gradually waning as the public becomes more aware of the variety of services counselors can provide and the numerous situations in which such services are helpful. The typical client is an ordinary person seeking the input of a mental health specialist in providing objective, rational, insightful, practical feedback and collaboration on everyday issues. (Its comparable to seeing a Podiatrist for a foot problem or an Optometrist for a vision problem.) Most of the time, the issues are common ones many of us will face at some point in life. In todays world it is possible for anyone to become over whelmed. Sometimes just having someone who listens and “getting it off one’s chest” can be the first step toward feeling better.


Counseling clients are best described as honest, brave, practical, and resourceful.  Going to counseling is about asking for professional help with feelings, thinking, and/or behaviors that may be getting in the way of living life to its fullest. The person who goes to counseling is simply using a resource that may help get the issue resolved quicker and with less pain and strain on the patient/client.



As a counseling professional, Ms. Mantooth is committed to insuring the highest level of confidentiality for every client. The client can rest assured that their being a client is not revealed to any individual or entity without the client’s written permission. The client’s medical record is not released without the client’s written permission. The staff at Ms. Mantooth’s office is equally committed to protecting each client’s confidentiality. Ms. Mantooth’s motto is “anything that is said here or happens here, stays here”. The legally mandated exceptions to this rule are about suspected child abuse, elder abuse, suicide and homicide.


Population Served

Ms. Mantooth works with children four and older, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has over 16 years of solid clinical experience. Her clients include school teachers, banking executives, business owners, skilled tradesmen, lawyers, waitresses, students, caregivers, nurses, retail clerks, construction workers, retirees, newlyweds, stay-at-home-moms and dads, the disabled, and more.  She offers short-term and long-term treatment which is goal oriented and solution-focused.


Counseling Issues Treated

Ms. Mantooth has experience treating a wide variety of emotional and psychiatric problems. She treats depression, anxiety and panic, post traumatic stress disorder, anger management problems, drug and alcohol problems, family problems, marital problems, psychotic disorders, parenting problems, work related problems, blended family issues, grief due to loss of a loved one, adults molested as children, assertiveness problems, self esteem issues, communication issues, caregiver issues, divorce and custody-related issues, and other common issues many of us face in life.


Counseling Approach

Ms. Mantooth’s treatment is founded upon genuine respect for clients, a non-judgmental outlook, individualized treatment planning, forming a collaborative partnership with the client in achieving treatment goals, and helping clients build skills and “tools” to be used in the client’s everyday life. Her goal with every client is moving the client toward independence rather than fostering dependency.


Ms. Mantooth and her staff provide personalized professional service in a relaxed, comfortable environment which recognizes each client as a human being, not as a case number. Ms. Mantooth is known for her genuine concern and compassion in dealing with clients. She attempts to work with clients who have special scheduling needs. Her office is handicapped accessible.


Theoretical Treatment Base

Ms. Mantooth uses an approach which views the spirit, mind, and body as a connected whole and each as integral in helping clients. She believes all aspects of the self must be in harmony for clients to gain optimum quality of life. However, she does not force her personal views on any client, and respects the individual qualities and choices of every client.


Ms. Mantooth believes that one of her primary reasons for living is to help people who are struggling, wounded, and hurting. She extends empathy, active listening, and creating hope as standard parts of treatment protocol. She truly cares about her client’s welfare.


She uses play therapy, insight building, skill building, and talk therapy as parts of treatment depending on the age, intellectual/developmental level, and individual needs of each client. She frequently uses cognitive thinking and/or behavioral therapy with clients as appropriate. She also uses several other treatment theories as a basis for treatment.

Ms. Mantooth works with children 4 and older, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

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